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 Racing History


I made my first official attempt as a driver in 2005. After helping friends build derby cars in the past, it was finally time to get behind the wheel. The car was built by the members of Low Class Customz Car Club, with help from members of Common Ground Truck Club. The car was run at Rockton Fair.

I only managed to get one run, as the battery was crushed during the first roll.


The original rollover car was back at Rockton in 2006, along with a second car for Holly Scott. I had more electrical issues during my first run again. Holly tried her best, but found out its a lot harder then it looks, to roll a car.

Both Rollover cars where back for Rockton Fair. I also built another car for the figure 8 race. Holly finally got her first roll. I hit my head on the rollcage when the seat belt broke. Thats the last time I ever ran without racing belts.....

Photo by Peter Buss


The Figure 8 car was back ar Rocton in 2008. A broken battery terminal ended my night, but not before " accidently" rolling another car. Anyone else starting to see a trend with me and battery issues at Rocton Fair?

2009 saw an expanded schedule. Aside from the annual Rockton  fair, I also ran at the Furgus Truck Show, Lincoln Fair (Beamsville), and Binbrook Fair. Part way thru the season, I built a new spare car. Jo Mo ran the spare car in Beamsville, and I used it at Rockton.

Photos by Peter Anderson

Photo by Gord Nicholson

In 2010 made the jump from Figure 8 and Rollover, to racing in the Oshweken Speedway Bomber Series. I started with upgrading the Ford Escort that I used for Figure 8 the year before. After 4 DNF's then a blown engine in late June, The Escort was finally sent to the crusher.My next victim was a 2000 Hyundai Accent. It was much quicker then the previous car. This was the turning point of the season for me.

By late summer, I had made up my mind about making the jump to the mini stock class. In September I purchased a former Abel Castelein mustang from Rob Hoskins. With some minor changes, I debuited the mini stock at "Night before the Nationals". My Nephew, and long time crew member, Logan Martin, ran the Bomber that night.

I also ran the mini at Flamboro Speedway's Frost Fest. This was my first time racing on pavement.


Photo by Peter Anderson

The ministock was back at Ohsweken in 2011. After being reskinned, painted and lettered at the Fireball 5 shop, it was ready to do battle again. On July 29, 2011 I won my first heat race. 2011 proved to be a learning year both as a driver, and in car setup.

The car ran twice at Flamboro Speedway. The first time was in July, with Ken Stenhouse Jr driving. Ken had blown the engine in his own car in practice, and needed a ride for the night. The second time was with me driving at Frost Fest again. Dirt is still more fun.


Photo by Vicky Sutton

Photo by